It’s Time To Empower Local Pharmacists Again

We believe profit margins should never compromise patient comfort. Big Business has long threatened the community pharmacy by trying to cut corners and standardize care. This leaves the local, personal pharmacist with no choice but to lose money or reduce service quality.

We believe this is simply not right!

With Claritas PSM, you get to be a pharmacist first. We publish every one of our rates up front and with total transparency so that you don’t have to worry about operating your business in the dark. We value the special service from community pharmacists because we were founded by independent pharmacists.

In addition to transparent billing, we offer decades of our experience and access to a suite of tools that will help you grow your business inside our network and beyond. When you choose Claritas PSM, we become partners in your success.

That’s why we call it a Pharmacy Service Manager!

Transparent Payments

The ClaritasPSM℠ brand stands for clarity and transparency. ClaritasPSM℠ Hospice Pharmacy Services brings transparency to the business relationship between hospice providers and the pharmacies serving their medication needs.

Marketing & Sales

ClaritasPSM℠ field-based marketing and sales team identifies hospices in need of local pharmacy hospice services. ClaritasPSM℠ connects these hospices with our local pharmacies providing superior hospice patient care.

Billing Services

ClaritasPSM℠ facilitates billing transactions between network pharmacies and hospices. In addition, ClaritasPSM℠ offers custom reports on CR8358 data, allowing pharmacies to provide hospices needed Medicare data.

Delivery & Logistics

The strength of the ClaritasPSM℠ program is our trained local pharmacists. The Claritas Pharmacy Network (CPN) includes these pharmacists in an enhanced network – providing premier hospice pharmacy services such as 24/7 access, delivery, compounding, IDG and QAPI attendance.

Reporting Tools

ClaritasPSM℠ offers an integrated reporting tool across the entire pharmacy network. Reports can be as detailed as required – from as high-level as at the corporate view, down to individual drugs by patient.

Account Management

ClaritasPSM℠ has experienced senior associates managing daily support to our local pharmacy network and hospices. Focused account management facilitates delivery of superior pharmacy services that meet hospice needs.

Improving Patient Care

ClaritasPSM℠ Pharmacy Network engages pharmacies interested in serving the special health care needs of hospice patients. CPN pharmacists are sensitive to the special needs of patients in their end-of-life experience.


ClaritasPSM℠ offers an on-line library of educational modules on over 300 palliative care subjects. Subjects include: pain management, dementia, regulatory requirements, cardiac, Medicare, clinical, assessment tools, fraud and abuse, QAPI, disease specific hospice eligibility requirements, certification preparation for hospice, Alzheimer’s, and COPD.

Clinical Services

ClaritasPSM℠ local pharmacy network provides clinical consultation that meets Medicare Conditions of Participation for medication review. This service is provided either from a local pharmacy provider within the CPN network or from CPN staff remotely.