You and Your Patient Deserve Local Care

We believe there is no more precious time than the last moments of life. Our compassion for patients and families is what fueled our entire vision for founding Claritas PSM.

Simply put, most PBM’s have prioritized their profit margins over patient care. They have lost sight of what it takes for pharmacists to offer personalized solutions, which has made it nearly impossible for local hospices to provide the standard of care they once did.

We believe this is not good enough!

With Claritas PSM you get to be a caregiver first. With our network of high-caliber independent pharmacists, your patients receive medications faster with local delivery, they receive personalized consultation and compounding, and your staff is empowered to do what they are best at.


One of the biggest financial risks for hospices is in providing quality pharmacy services for hospice patients at a reasonable rate. ClaritasPSM℠ provides transparent reimbursement for the hospices, so your pharmacy charges are never a mystery.


When your hospice works with ClaritasPSM℠, you become a part of our network. You’ll get the expertise of hundreds of skilled pharmacists across the country and prompt local attention to your patient’s needs.


Your pharmacy partner is local, so you can provide your patients with medications delivered when they need them. We can also help coordinate immediate delivery when available.