Hospice Services

Hospice services you can count on, so the patient can count on you.


Service & Support

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24/7 help desk
  • Periodic Medication Reviews
  • In-Person Training*
  • Medication reviews educating medical directors on drug alternatives that are cheaper, with similar efficacy.
  • Negotiated discounts on medications to ensure you never pay too much
  • Pharm D Consultations
  • Online Bill Review & Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Documented Reviews
  • Flexible plans include a fee for service or cost per patient day per diems
  • Emergency services. Systems set up to ensure your patients don’t feel the effects of national or local emergencies such as pandemics, storms, power outages, etc.
  • Customized Formularies with electronic overrides

*During the current pandemic, we are opting for webinars for our reviews to avoid unnecessary travel.

E-Prescribing Solutions

  • Cloud-based E-Prescribing
  • We offer the most comprehensive E-Prescribing solution in the industry
  • Powerful features and flexibility provide an advanced, but innovative solution
  • Easy to use
  • Certified by ONC-Health IT

Advancing Technology

  • Customer Data Portal
  • Secure Customer Data Portal includes intuitive interface, dozens of reports, tools and real-time data provides critical insights to patient care and medication costs.
  • Includes encrypted communications with your local pharmacies/providers with patient information and MAR
  • We have integrations with over 20 EHR and software companies, and are always adding more!
  • Real-Time Prior Authorization Tools
  • MAR data integrations
  • Customized Reporting
  • CR8358 File Interfaces
  • Customizable Email Alerts for spend control
  • Online Learning Portal for CE credit through Relias Learning.

Our Pharmacy Networks

  • Local Pharmacy Networks of over 65,000 pharmacies
  • 3 Pharmacy networks to serve you including our open network of over 65,000 pharmacies as well as our own Narrow and Preferred Networks of over 10,000 pharmacies.
    • Narrow and Preferred networks contain over 10,000 pre-approved pharmacies offering hospice-specific services like delivery, special packaging, stat orders, compounding, etc. These local pharmacies meet our unusually high standards for service and are reviewed regularly to ensure they still qualify.
    • Better than mail order! Get your medications by mail through our equipped preferred pharmacies in your area.