About ClaritasPSM®

You want the absolute best for your patients.

Big business has been prioritizing profit over patient outcomes for too long. They've given PBMs a bad name. Claritas PSM was founded because we believe this is not good enough.

Patients deserve the absolute highest standard of comfort and care. Their hospice should be confident that medications will reach their patients with no hassles and no delay. ClaritasPSM empowers Hospices with our exclusive Preferred Pharmacy Network, made up of the highest-caliber local pharmacies. We empower those local pharmacies with education, support, and transparency in billing.

When these important pieces are in place, the outcome is personalized attention to your patient's needs from hospice-focused professionals who understand your unique needs and will go the extra mile to provide outstanding service.

We ensure the highest standard of local pharmacy care by offering our experience and tools to our network including consultation, training, logistics, billing services, and reporting.

We believe there is nothing more important than patient care.

We believe in serving your patients as if they were our family members.

We believe hospice patients are served best when they are served locally by hospice-focused pharmacies.

We believe that local pharmacies can provide the services required by hospices to make sure that the hospice and families can focus on what's important...THE PATIENT.

We are ClaritasPSM, and we look forward to partnering with you to deliver the best patient care possible.


Claritas is Latin for "Clarity"
Bringing clarity to the marketplace

Pronounced - "clare-a-toss

ClaritasPSM History

October 20

Beggs Compounding Pharmacy opens in Pryor, OK.

October 20

David Brim, PharmD joins Beggs Pharmacy as co-owner/pharmacist

October 20

David Brim, PharmD launches Claremore Compounding Center Rx in Claremore, OK as co-owner/pharmacist

December 20

Beggs Pharmacy begins serving hospice clients

October 20

David Brim, PharmD and Derek Sien form Care-More Rx, parent company to ClaritasPSM to serve hospice

October 20

Care-More Rx changes name to ClaritasPSM

For assistance between 9a-5p CST on weekdays, please call: (855) 355-8553
For after-hours and weekend assistance, please use our Help Line: (918) 803-8088
or email help@claritaspsm.com.