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Prescription drugs make up a vital portion of the benefits you offer to employees. Today’s skyrocketing specialty drug and over-utilization cost are out of control! Approximately 15% of the nations current pharmacy spend is at a lost due to adverse pharmacy contracts. Large “domineering” Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) continue to consolidate contributing to mismanaged pharmacy benefits resulting in excess medication cost of up wards to 30%.


The time for change is now!

ClaritasPSM is a completely new generation of “PBM” embracing and aligning with employers in their quest to control costs through transparency and proven cost-containment measures. Beginning with a comprehensive clinical review and in-depth customer education, the Claritas team will take a unique approach that combines detailed claims analysis, emphasizes appropriate utilization, and a rigorous provider contracting process for mitigating high risk.

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Comprehensive Support

ClaritasPSM assists employers to re-gain control of pharmacy benefits spending with a more personalized and flexible approach.


ClaritasPSM offers a wide-ranging pharmacy strategy to achieve savings, reduce waste, and provide a more sustainable pharmacy benefit.


A proactive approach ensures you receive custom solutions designed to tackle unique plan utilization.


Management of prescription benefits guided by sound clinical, financial, and service support.


ClaritasPSM’s pharmacy benefits specialists provide pricing advocacy and contracting management to minimize risk and liabilities.

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