When your hospice chooses to partner with ClaritasPSM℠, you know that you can focus on what matters most: caring for your patients.

Our job is to make the lives of your team and your patients easier. We do this through our network of hospices and pharmacies that work together.


One of the biggest financial risks for hospices is in providing quality pharmacy services for hospice patients at a reasonable rate. ClaritasPSM℠ provides transparent reimbursement for the hospices, so your pharmacy charges are never a mystery.


When your hospice works with ClaritasPSM℠, you become a part of our network. You’ll get the expertise of hundreds of skilled pharmacists across the country and prompt local attention to your patient’s needs.


Your pharmacy partner is local, so you can provide your patients with medications delivered when they need them. We can also help coordinate immediate delivery when available.